Stephen Boaz


TMR Realty, Inc
Salisbury, NC 28144



I am NC native, born and raised, a father of three, and I truly love this land and the people in it. As a former high-end culinary chef who now holds a Master’s in Religious Studies, I am as at home in the pulpit as I am the barbecue pit! Thus, I am committed to providing my clients the same care and attention to detail in their search for a home that I was known for when I catered weddings and celebrity galas.

I will likewise apply the same empathy and understanding that I intend to apply to my burgeoning ministry with every client; every person deserves a house and to see their dreams realized. I’m here to help you take those steps. If buying a house ever seems like too big a plate, just remember to take it like anything else: one bite at a time. Any plate is manageable in small enough bites. 

Let me help you fulfill those dreams!

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